Friday, February 28, 2014

i don't want to let you go until you see the light

I am in Half Moon Bay, which is gorgeous - it's rainy and damp with occasional flashes of dramatic sunshine (during the day; it would certainly be dramatic if they happened at night), which is perfect for a writing retreat. I didn't get down here as early as I had planned; I woke up this morning around 6:30, which was only five hours after I'd gone to bed, and I made the mistake of checking my work email, which turned into an hour and a half of work. At that point it was eight a.m., and I tried to sleep some more, but I pretty much failed. So I made breakfast, packed, showered, and then got a text from Kathia saying that she wasn't leaving until twelve - so I promptly took my wet hair and went back to bed for half an hour.

But I finally roused myself, loaded my car, got some coffee at Philz, and drove down to Half Moon Bay. I got here around two p.m., checked in, and met Kathia in the bar, where we wrote for a couple of hours. I will admit that I was quite distracted by the television, which is unusual for me, but since they were discussing current events in Ukraine, I was really having trouble focusing. But I slogged through the rest of that scene, and then we took a break and walked along the ocean for awhile, which was lovely.

After our walk, I took a v. brief nap, and then we had dinner - I had an amazing beef shortrib dish that made me very happy. And then we sat in the lounge and wrote for another couple of hours. I got to ten pages today, which is respectable but not enough to thrill me. However, I'm still tired from this week's slogging, so I'm going to go to bed now, sleep nineish hours, and then hit it hard tomorrow. Goodnight!

storms are brewing in your eyes

Today was v. long. I woke up at sixish, put on my spiffy new workout clothes, and drove down to Palo Alto to train with Alyssa. The rain conspired with my email to make me late, but I saw a rainbow on the way there, so I suppose that was something good. My training session was also good, and it put me in a good frame of mind to conquer the day.

And conquer I did. My work projects continue to be totally, utterly ridiculous, but someone gave me a peer bonus for it, so that was nice. The peer bonus is mostly symbolic and perhaps wouldn't cover my champagne budget for the month, but I don't know if that tells you that the bonus is small or that I drink a ton of champagne. But it was still lovely to be recognized for all the expertise I've built up over the years. And my meetings were mostly good and I felt mostly like I did good things, so it was nice to leave work feeling that way...

...only to sit in traffic for an hour and a half. I took a break when I got home to have dinner with Terry, since we hadn't really seen each other in ages. But then I worked from 8:30 until 12:30, since I'm taking tomorrow off and that meant that I had to do all this stuff that a normal workaholic would have done over the weekend. I'm leaving for a writing retreat at an undisclosed location (aka Half Moon Bay) with Kathia tomorrow, and I'm staying until it's time to go to work Monday morning. So hopefully I'll make massive progress on Thorington. And while I wish that I had gone to bed three hours ago, I'm glad that I can now go write with a mostly empty work to-do list and a mostly-settled feeling about what I need to do next week. Of course, my personal inbox and to-do list are complete shitshows, but I've got to drop the ball somewhere, right? Goodnight!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

the cold never bothered me anyway

I'm a very dull boy this week; there has been space in my life for v. little beyond work. But I'm mostly happy, if only because I don't have time to stop and think. Today was another brutal slog, compounded by spending close to four hours commuting, which should be illegal. I left the house at 6:45am and was at my desk at 8:45am (taking the shuttle is better for productivity, but involves more walking/schlepping around on either end of the trip), and then I left my desk at 4:30 and was home at 6:25 (which would have been slightly better had I not had to make a long detour for gas). The rain has turned everyone into idiots again, and I'm not psyched about driving down again tomorrow, but I shall survive.

Once I reached the office, I ate my salary in smoked salmon, then had meetings pretty much straight from 9am to 4pm, with a brief break that I used to straighten up my desk rather than doing anything more pressing. But there was champagne in the middle, so that's not bad. Then I came home, was home for five minutes, and immediately left to a) buy new workout clothes (my favorites are embarrassingly worn at this point) and b) eat at my favorite place and write some of Thorington's book. The workout clothes buying was successful, I wrote three and a half pages of Thorington while limiting myself to only one glass of wine (shocker), and I caught up on the lives and scandals of all my favorite waiters, so it was all lovely.

And now I must sleep so I can do it all again tomorrow, although I'm adding Alyssa and likely subtracting the wine. Goodnight!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

she took me in and gave me breakfast

I need to go to bed immediately so that I can get eight hours of sleep tonight - alas. As it turns out, yesterday didn't wreck my body as much as I thought - Alyssa was stunned at how even my shoulders were when I walked in this morning, and I was able to touch the floor without any effort at all. So maybe working nonstop is good for me!

Ha. Unlikely. I slept for eight and a half hours last night, got up early, stared at the ceiling for awhile, and then worked from home until ten. That meant I did two hours of day job work and snuck in forty-five minutes of Thorington, which was enough for two pages. This is better than I should have done, since I've decided to be kind to myself and not expect writing output on days when I also have workouts, since there just isn't enough time in the day. Yes, I know my definition of 'kind' is not particularly kind.

But getting a couple of pages of Thorington out into the world before going to work felt amazing. So I drove down and trained with Alyssa, then had lunch while working with my team on an ongoing project, then had meetings straight through until five. I adjourned then to go to happy hour (unfortunate, since I neither wanted a drink nor the fried food on offer at the local dive bar), then caught a shuttle home and was in my apartment by 7:15 - not bad for the jhoke that is my daily commute. Then I ate supper and read a book - I need to judge entries for a published writing contest, and this one was pretty good without being totally stellar. Still, it's better than some of the other stuff waiting for me in that mixed bag of entries, so it was a good place to start.

And now I must sleep - goodnight!

Monday, February 24, 2014

you were the first, you'll be the last

I must stop staring at my laptop immediately if I'm going to have any hope of recovering from how chaining myself to my desk all day has wrecked my body. But the chaining was quite useful, even if I can't sustain it every day - I slogged pretty hardcore for the day job all day, but since I worked from home, I was able to sneak away in the late afternoon and have a quick, impromptu writing date with Kathia. I wrote five pages of Thorington and Callie, which flowed pretty well - hopefully that's a sign that I'm getting into the story (although I know better than to count any of these chickens, since they usually hatch into vile monsters who must be slaughtered).

Then I grabbed some foodstuffs for dinner, bought flowers for my desk because I'm a spoiled princess, and spent the last three hours or so working on stuff for the writing business and my taxes, which is not a fun or pleasant activity. But I was trying to get through some business stuff so that I can ignore everything and focus solely on the book this weekend, and I think I got through the most pressing, distracting items on the list. I still need to prep my receipts and see my CPA, and I still need to judge some books for the RITA contest, and that all needs to happen in the next two weeks...but this weekend I think I can write without regrets.

And now I must sleep so I can do it all again tomorrow - goodnight!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

see the light, touch the light, we're together now

I'm in full-on crazy writer mode now. Or maybe I'm not entirely in full-on crazy mode; I allowed myself to take a nap and get a mani/pedi today, so it could definitely be worse. But I got up in time to meet Kathia at 7:15 (okay, I got there at 7:30) for a writing date, which is totally crazy-town given how tired I was last night and how little I enjoy getting up in the morning. But it was worth it, since I typed up what I'd written in my notebook and wrote a couple of pages before vacating the coffeeshop for my mani/pedi appointment.

The middle part of my day involved some much-needed downtime; I got my manicure and pedicure, and my nails look lovely even if I forsook the gel polish in favor of not getting melanoma from the UV light used to cure it. Then I went to Caffe Union and had huevos while reading part of the Lonely Planet guidebook for Devon and Cornwall - I'm not going there anytime soon (although the guidebook made me want to throw everything away and go there immediately), but my next series is set there, so I was looking up facts and towns and photos. Then I came home and took a much-needed and mostly-deserved nap before talking to my parents for an hour.

But after I was off the phone, it was showtime again. So I rendezvoused with Kathia and we wrote for a couple more hours. I'm making progress, even if I'm so far from done that it makes me feel vaguely ill (yes, I know that's nonsensical; no, I'm probably not going to be able to calm down and enjoy my many and varied accomplishments instead of beating myself up for not being able to write four books a year). But Thorington and Callie (that's his heroine) are amazing together, so I think I'm just going to have to skip the scenes where there not together and figure all that out later. I probably should have kept writing, but instead we went to Izzy's for prime rib, and I had an entertaining conversation with her and her husband while being plied with wine by their favorite waiter.

And now I am going to go to bed so that I can get eight and a half hours or so and then try to write before work - wish me luck. Goodnight!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

living in a lost generation

I had a v. fun and v. educational day, but I'm completely wiped out...if only I could take next week off so that I could focus solely on writing. But even though I only got six hours of sleep last night, woke up with a vague wine hangover at 6:45am, and had to be out the door at 7:45 to go to Sunnyvale, it was all worth it. My writing workshop was really good, and it was great to hang out with my friend Grace. We were at the workshop from nine to five-thirty, and then we stopped in Palo Alto for dinner at Palo Alto Sol before heading back to the city.

And now, after that v. boring update, I desperately need to go to bed so I can get eight and a half hours of sleep before getting up tomorrow and meeting Kathia for an early (and often) writing date. I'm going to have to start doing two-a-days if I'm going to catch up on Thorington enough to stop stressing about him, so get ready for me to turn insane starting immediately. Goodnight!

i love you so, i'd eat you whole

Today continued to be ridic at work, but I held true to my plan to a) work out and b) leave early (although I didn't leave until 3:15, and I had hoped to leave at 2:30). But I managed to take a break and train with Alyssa, which was awesome even if I did have to go straight back to campus without showering and sit through a meeting in my own stench. But I got to shower over lunch, and it turns out that the showers in my building (which I've never used before) are actually surprisingly nice. So, that's good to know if my life keeps moving in the direction it's currently moving (aka I relapse into full-blown workaholism).

But I got out of there at three, made it home around 4:30, took care of a couple of tings, and left the house at five to write. This was despite the fat that a more alluring plan presented itself, but I held true to my plan and wrote for an hour and a half even though it was hard and brutal slogging. But it netted three or four pages of Thorington, which is better than what I had, so I'm v. happy with that. Then I took an uber (because I'm fancy) to Adit and Priyanka's, where I chatted with them until it was time for Priyanka to go to work. After that, Adit and I had dinner at Mission Beach Cafe with Marina, an old college friend who is in town and staying with them this weekend. She's awesome, and I hadn't seen Adit in a v. small group of people our own age in quite some time, so it was great to catch up with them. Adit did ask me at one point if I'm an Asian tourist, since I was taking pictures of all my food - but in my defense, Alyssa is asking me to take pictures, so if you hang out with me in the coming weeks, don't be surprised if I look like an idiot.

And now, after learning about the city of Verona and Cypriot mountain goats and French Laundry and all the rest, I desperately need to sleep - I have to get up at 6:45 so I can go to Sunnyvale for an all-day writing activity, which will hopefully be educational enough to make me feel less surly about sacrificing a weekend day. Goodnight!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

guns hidden under our petticoats

Work continues to be ridic, but I'm trying to get through everything that I can get through tomorrow so that I can ignore it all weekend in favor of spending some quality time with Thorington. So I got up super early, was on the shuttle before seven a.m., and slogged incessantly and without break (yes, that's redundant) until fiveish. But I took champagne for my team, so at least I was able to drink away my pain at lunchtime (no, you shouldn't be worried). Then I took the shuttle back to the city and went straight to my dinner plans. But I was twenty minutes early getting back to the city - I had hoped to be forty-five minutes early so that I could write, but it took almost two hours to get off campus and into the city, so that plan failed. But I stopped by my favorite wine bar for a drink and twenty minutes of writing before dinner - and instead ran into Kathia, who was just about to leave. So we had a glass of champagne and commiserated on our woes (my day job, her writing), which was lovely.

Then I adjourned next door, where I had a v. wonderful and entertaining dinner with Lauren (aka Subz) and Terry. I hadn't seen Lauren in ages, so it was great to see her, and I had quite an enjoyable evening. Then Terry and I came home and watched the women's skating results, which I'm glad I got to see before I was spoiled. And now I must sleep since I intend to catch an earlyish shuttle, get some work done, train with Alyssa, get some more work done, and then throw my laptop away so that I can focus on Thorington. Goodnight!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

she's got a boyfriend anyway

Today was totally rough at work for reasons that I can't disclose (nothing life- or career-threatening, although my soul is slowly being crushed, so I suppose that's noteworthy). But I made the executive decision to work from home, which was good for my morale if only because I was able to stop at six and actually be home already rather than having to get carsick on a shuttle. At that point I was in desperate need of some fresh air and a change of scene, so I took a meandering stroll for fifteen blocks or so, then had dinner and some wine at my favorite French bistro (yes, I was there yesterday, but I was with people then, which is *totally* different). Also, I ordered chicken and white wine instead of steak and red wine, so I blew everyone's minds.

But as much as my french bistro habit is silly and expensive, it totally fixed me, at least for an hour. I wrote a couple of pages of Thorington's book (he's yummy), stopped thinking about work, enjoyed my wine, and had a long chat with one of my favorite Des Amis people about Vegas, Austin, and a variety of other topics. Then I came home and watched figure skating, although I did succumb to the lure of my work email for a little bit.

Now I shall go upstairs, go to bed, and hopefully get onto the shuttle quickly tomorrow since I have to present to some meeting at 9:30am - goodnight!

wild make my heart sing

I'm exhausted and falling asleep over my tablet, so I shall keep this brief. I had a totally annoying day at work, but it was redeemed by dimmer and some Olympics watching with Tammy and Daniel. We went to Des Amis because I love that place, as anyone who has ever read my blog knows. Then we watched snowboard cross and bobsled and skiing until Tammy and I were both falling asleep and Daniel decided it was time for them to go home.

So, it was lovely to see her, even if I'm way tired now. I blame work - I was so swamped that I still went to train with Alyssa but I didn't have time to shower after, so I went straight back to work and sat on meetings in my workout clothes and stench all afternoon. But I took a relatively early shuttle home and showered before dinner so I didn't embarrass Tammy's delicate sensibilities. And now I must go to bed - goodnight!

Monday, February 17, 2014


I just looked at the clock and realized that I must go to bed immediately - I've got a brutal, annoying day shaping up tomorrow, and I need to reserve my energy so that I can enjoy some Olympics with Tammy (aka Tammmeh) in the evening. But today was pretty productive, if I ignore the fact that I had a bit of a freakout over my book. I woke up in time to meet Kathia for a 9am writing date, and I wrote three or four pages before coming home. Then I did some more work, journaled, showered, went out for a v. late lunch, came home, and napped for an hour and a half. And then I spent my evening doing a v. annoying bit of data monkeying while watching Olympics coverage...I suppose it could be worse and I could have done it while having my fingernails pulled out or something, so I guess I should be happy the Olympics were on to console me.

But now I must sleep since I have to leave by 6:45 tomorrow - goodnight!

and you let it go

I should have gone to bed two hours ago, but Olympics and tax prep kept me up until now. And that means that getting up in the morning is going to be rougher than I would have liked; I don't have to go to work, but I'm meeting Kathia at 9am for a writing date, so I need to get to bed immediately. There's nothing else of interest to report anyway, since I spent the day sleeping (until after ten a.m.), cleaning (not much to do since I cleaned up after the party last night), writing (only four pages, but that's better than nothing), talking to my parents, and watching Olympics. I'm going to rinse and repeat tomorrow - goodnight!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

drunk in love

Today was awesome - much more awesome than I expected when I went to bed last night, since I just wanted to sleep for a million hours. Instead, I slept for ten, got dressed, had breakfast at my favorite place down the street in an effort to minimize my cooking endeavors, and then went shopping for important contributions to my kitchen. This includes a stop at BevMo for liquor + a stock-up on red wine, the party store for gold medals and paper plates, and Whole Foods for a shit-ton for produce and other overpriced but tasty goods.

Then I got home and started cooking in earnest. And by 'earnest' I mean that I made borscht. I made a double batch, which involved a lot of chopping, and I'm not sure I would have made it had I not had my food processor to shred the beets, carrots, and cabbage. But it turned out amazingly well - so well that multiple people asked for the recipe, which is not common for things that come from the darkest, beetiest heart of Mother Russia.

But I had vowed to be easier on myself at this party and not have to cook for all of it, which I mostly succeeded at - and I succeeded by not making the Olympic Rings Cakes (tm). I have no regrets; I was too tired to do them, and it would have been impossible to do them all today, and besides, there would have been a cake for approximately every four people at the party, which results in a lot of wasted cake. Instead, I made the borscht, and I got fruits in the Olympics colors and made chocolate dipping sauce, and there were chips and guac and salsa, so I think people survived.

And all in all it was super fun. Heather (aka dear respected madam) came in mid-afternoon to say hi after her hair appointment, but she couldn't stay, which was too bad. But I was able to take a break and hang out with her the whole time she was hear, and it was great to see her. Then I made gluten-free chocolate chip chewies, practiced making White Russians (I think I drank most of them anyway), and started organizing tings. The turnout was really good, especially for a winter Olympics that no one seems to care about very much. I spent the first half alternating between cooking in the kitchen and watching in the living room, and then I spent the second half (as per usual) holed up in the dining room with the usual suspects (John, Jess, Adit, Priyanka, Katrina, Vidya). But it was great to see Sarah, Tolu, Fred, Jamie, and all the rest. And Tammy (aka Tammmmmmehh) made a super special and relatively unexpected appearance, so maybe we'll be able to watch together again later this week.

But now I'm falling asleep on my keyboard - it's time for bed. Goodnight!

Friday, February 14, 2014

everything that kills me makes me feel alive

Even though I slept ten hours last night, I'm still totally exhausted. It didn't help that I had a really stressful afternoon; it usually takes twenty minutes to get to my hair salon, but today it took 45, and I had to abandon my car and walk seven blocks when it became clear I might never get across Market. So I was half an hour late to my haircut, which was only forgivable because I've been going there for years and am never late. But Lauren couldn't do her usual awesome blowout, so she left my hair wet and braided it - cute, but not what I had planned.

And because my car was secdn blocks away, I couldn't go to Whole Foods as I had planned. So I came home, pouted, and made eggs for dinner. Then I watched last night's Olympics coverage (figure skating! Sadness!) and tried to regain my energy for a late night grocery run, but I've decided to screw it and go to bed instead.

So I may not bake the cakes this year - I would rather make borscht, and the cakes are super wasteful for the number of people who are coming. And the national food of Russia is disappointment, so it seems fitting. But maybe I'll wake up with tons of energy and desire to bake...stranger things have happened. Goodnight!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

man in motion

I'm beyond tired - having one night in the week where I only get six hours of sleep is enough to wreck me for the rest of it. Today was fine; I worked out with Alyssa, had a bunch of meetings, had lunch with some people I started with at the day job ten and a half years ago (crazy), had some more meetings, and came home relatively early to beat traffic. Once I got here, I should have worked on day job stuff, but instead I started working on my taxes for 2013 (not exactly my favorite task) while watching last night's Olympic coverage. It's only nine p.m. now, but I think I'm going to go to bed without watching tonight - I believe I shall work from home tomorrow, so maybe I can watch some of it in the morning while working on monkeyish tasks. But for now, I shall bid you adieu!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

forty-seven heartbeats beating like a drum

I'm exhausted and had hoped to be in bed an hour ago, but the fabulous writer life kept me up. And by that I mean 'dear God, why would anyone ever want to be a writer?!'. J/k. But that is what Kathia and I asked each other when we met up at ~7:30am (it was supposed to be 7) for a writing date. I mean, really, why would anybody be so dumb as to pursue this on top of a day job that actually pays pretty well and perfectly matches one's interests? Only idiots would do that.

sssanyway. I wrote five pages of Thorington's book before peacing out and taking the shuttle south. Then I slogged for many hours, although I took a 'break' to attend an interesting talk on women and negotiation. Then I went to a 'wine Wednesday' event at work solely because Gloria Ferrer was the featured winery - they make my favorite champagne (aka sparkling wine), and have a lovely vineyard in Sonoma that I took my parents to way back in the day. So I had approximately one more glass than I should have had, along with the food being served (an amazing risotto and some decent mahi mahi, with chocolate covered strawberries for dessert), and hung out with a couple of my coworkers for a couple of hours. Then I sat with my personal laptop and was going to write, but instead messed around with metadata for an hour until I felt completely safe to drive home.

And now I desperately need to sleep - I have to train with Alyssa tomorrow, and my alarm is going to go off much too soon. Goodnight!

yolo, baby

I should have gone to bed an hour ago, but I wanted to watch Olympics after spending like thirteen hours working. Since I spent all that time working, you can guess that nothing interesting at all happened...and you would be right. Although I did have a v. lovely lunch with Chandlord, so at least that was good. But now I'm going to finish watching halfpipe and go to bed. Goodnight!

Monday, February 10, 2014

don't hang yourself with a celibate rope

I don't have time to blog tonight - I have to get up at six, which means I must sleep right now if I want to feel rested in the morning. Today was fine, though; I worked from home, which was good for my stress level even if I didn't get as much done as I had hoped (does that refrain sound familiar?).

But I stopped beating myself up long enough to meet up with Kathia, where I wrote three slow and brutally hard-fought pages. But I think things may be unlocking themselves so the pain was worth it. Then I bought groceries, came home, and ate the stuff I bought in the deli section rather than forcing myself to cook. And in a sign that I'm still tired and not fully recovered, I'm going to bed even before Olympics coverage ends for the night -,goodnight!

ukraine girls really knock me out

I did way too much today, which has contributed to the fact that my recovery from my cold has stalled. I slept for ten hours, but then I showered, made breakfast/lunch, and cleaned out my kitchen. This was a necessary task, since we had a lot of expired food and the cabinet shelves hadn't been cleaned in...ever. It perhaps didn't have to be done today, but since I want to go grocery shopping and restock in anticipation of my upcoming Olympics festivities, it was probably smart to have done it today.

But by the time I was done, it was three p.m., which is the time I had agreed to meet Kathia for a writing date. So we met up, but I only worked for an hour and a half before throwing in the towel, buying a few groceries, and coming home. Once here, I talked to my parents, then made some chili for supper, then made a test round of pelmini (Siberian meat dumplings) while watching Olympics coverage from yesterday (since I'm woefully behind due to my conference yesterday). Unfortunately, the pelmini were pretty much a failure; for one, I think I needed more salt in the meat, and for another, I tried to make them gluten free and I may have finally met a recipe that I can't recreate sans gluten. The major disadvantage of gluten-free dough is that it doesn't have any stretch whatsoever (that's what the gluten does), and so it was nearly impossible to make a dumpling without tearing the dough unless the dough:meat ratio was too heavy on the dough side. I made four and boiled them up, but I was disheartened by the results, so I tossed the rest of the dough (luckily I had only made a half batch) and put the rest of the meat in the fridge so I can make some weird sans-dough pelmini meatballs tomorrow. Sad times.

So with that failure weighing heavily on me (or perhaps lightly, since it means I won't feel compelled to spend the next four days making and freezing dumplings), I'm going to bed - goodnight!

Sunday, February 09, 2014

telling you what my heart meant

I'm starting to fall asleep as I consider what to write, and that never bodes well for coherence. This should be obvious since my thought after typing that immediately leapt to Bode Miller. But I suppose it's not obvious since you aren't in my head. C'est la vie.

Today was great, but I'm completely and totally fucking exhausted, so I'm hoping the rain will soothe me into slumber and keep me there for nine or ten hours so I can recover. I got up at 8:30, messed around with my dress/hair/makeup, made a leisurely breakfast, and clearly procrastinated about walking over to my conference. But I finally forced myself to go (I knew I would have fun when I got there, but was also dreading it)...and as I just said, I had fun when I got there. The first couple of hours were mostly a large-group discussion about metadata and discoverability; I knew a lot of it, but other tips were great and it was a good reminder that I need to spend some time on this aspect since I've neglected it for too long.

At lunch, I committed stomach seppuku (it will become more traditional intestinal seppuku in a few hours) and had dim sum with Courtney, Sherry, Carolyn, Tonda, and some others. Dim sum with Courtney and Sherry is becoming something of a deliciously inconvenient tradition, since I adore dim sum but shouldn't really have it since it's full to bursting with gluten. But this dim sum was great, and I still kind of think it was worth it even though I now have a raging headache and a vague stomach stabbing pain. The group was really fun, though, and it was good to get away from the larger conference, so that was great.

After that, we went back to the conference hotel and I talked to some of them for awhile longer before spending some quality time catching up with Grace in the lobby. Then I sort of tagged along with her, Tina, and Bella to Tina's house, since Tina was hosting a big cocktail party for the conference attendees and needed help setting up. So we set up, had some entertaining conversations, and Grace and I spent some more quality time together before everyone else showed up. The party was supposed to be from seven to ten, but I stayed until almost 11:30, and it was a total blast. I had a particularly good time hanging out with Grace and Sherry and discussing werewhales and Indian massages and a variety of other inappropriate and highly hilarious topics.

But now I'm desperate for sleep and eager to spend tomorrow writing + fixing things + watching Olympics - goodnight!

Saturday, February 08, 2014

i call her karma

Today was great, but I didn't do everything I had planned to do during the day. I have no regrets, though. I didn't sleep as much as I should have, since construction noise woke me up early, but I got some rest before dragging myself out of bed and into some clothes so that I could get a manicure. My nails now look fair and lovely, but it took longer than I thought it would, so it was almost 11:30 before I got home. Then I took a bit of a nap, took a shower, ate a snack, and was going to walk to the unconference thing for some selfpub writers that I was going to attend today (I should have mentioned before that I took today off from the day job). But I'm stressed about how far behind I am on Thorington's book, and my room was a mess, and nothing felt particularly orderly, and the idea of walking over to Fisherman's Wharf in the rain to meet with a gathering of writers that didn't include most of the people I wanted to see (the main stuff is tomorrow) filled me with just enough dread that I changed my plans.

So instead, I stayed home and did an awesome job of cleaning up my room and continuing to purge. I need to do a final purge of my closet and clean out my file cabinet, but overall I'm feeling much better and much more centered. I think being a hermit was totally worth it. But I abandoned my hermitage around four p.m. and met up with Kathia for a writing date; we talked for a bit, then wrote for an hour or so, and then had a cocktail at Izzy's. Her husband joined us, and I left them when I finished my drink (although they had almost finished their dinner by the time I left and my intention had been to let them eat without me, so I hadn't ordered a prime rib even though it would have been tasty). But I came home to Terry, who had picked up takeout from Roam for us, and so I got to eat some tasty meat/fries and watch the opening ceremonies.

My feelings about the ceremonies can't be condensed here, but I will try to do so by saying that the past that Russia displayed in their artistic retelling of Russian history was a bit...different than the past I learned about when I got my minor in history (which was basically a minor in Russian history and totalitarianism in general). So I am either the best person or the worst person to watch a Russian Olympics with. But I'm super psyched for the games, and even though I have writer stuff to do all day tomorrow (and a book to write all day Sunday, and really all this month), I'm going to spend some quality time with the tv over the next couple of weeks.

But now I'm exhausted and must sleep so that I can get eight hours and hopefully keep pushing my cold into its grave - goodnight!

Friday, February 07, 2014

although i am broken my heart is untamed still

I have, again, chosen to stay up way too late. BUT IT'S THE OLYMPICS, BITCHES!!! I understand why, due to scheduling, they had to put events on the day before the opening ceremonies, but there is a small part of me that wasn't ready and considers this to be sacrilege. How can some athletes' Olympics experiences be over before the cauldron is lit? Although since it's Sochi, the cauldron may just be a 55-gallon oil drum full of old newspapers, so I guess it's not an issue...

Yes, get ready for lots of vaguely offensive Russian jokes for the next two weeks. You've been warned.

I'm definitely feeling better today than I was earlier this week, but I'm still not 100%. I went to the gym and trained with Alyssa, which may have been a mistake; while it was good to loosen up a bit, I was sweating profusely over v. minor exercises, so I think my body wasn't quite ready for primetime. But I showered, managed to put myself together, and went to the office, where I got enough stuff done to almost feel okay with the fact that today was the only day I went in this week. I'm taking tomorrow off, so I wanted to be productive today, and I guess I mostly succeeded. Then I met Terry for dinner in the south bay so we could sit out traffic, and then we came home and watched the first night of coverage (skating was hilarious; I don't really like slopestyle; Bob Costas should have avoided getting Russian tap water in his eye). I also did a bit more work so that I can put my work laptop away for the weekend sans guilt.

But now I must sleep so that I can get up an accomplish personal stuff tomorrow (namely a 9:30am manicure that I scheduled in my illness haze - why was I dumb enough to do that?) - goodnight!

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

all your life is such a shame

I should have gone to bed an hour ago - this taking it easy whilst sick thing is not working out so well for me. I also probably should have canceled Alyssa tomorrow, but I'm sick of being cooped up in my apartment (which is saying something since I'm a #hermitforlife). So I stayed home today with the idea that I would get some rest, but instead I had meetings almost straight from nine to five. My midday break was spent cooking chicken so I would have something to eat, then taking a nap so I wouldn't die.

But by six I was desperate to start writing Thorington again, since I'm starting to freak out about how I'm going to finish him by my self-imposed deadline. So I went to my favorite place, where they were all happy to see me, and I wrote a couple of pages (not blazing progress, but better than nothing, particularly since I was feeling v. congested). Then I came home, talked to Terry, looked at recipes for awful Russian foodstuffs, and then spent the last hour writing a blog post about Napoleon in Egypt for a historical blog that I needed to have a guest post for tomorrow.

And now that that's done, I desperately need to go to bed immediately - goodnight!

where do you go, my lovely

I'm still sick, and I should have gone to bed hours ago, but work and other distractions kept me awake until now. I stayed home today, as I had suspected I would, and my boss pretty much told me to stay home again tomorrow after we talked over a videoconference this afternoon, so I will likely take him at his word. I'm telling myself that this is setting a good example for all the people at work who force themselves to come in when they're sick, which is true; I'm also telling myself that I'm better off being able to nap at lunchtime as I did yesterday and today, which is also true.

But my illness is progressing in better and worse ways; I'm slightly less congested, but my throat hurts slightly more, and my black lung cough has arrived. So we're on schedule for bronchitis, unless I manage to sleep it off. That, unfortunately, won't happen unless I go to bed now (or, better, two hours ago, which is impossible). But there are so many things I want to do (write! play with my new scanner!), so many things I need to do (taxes! financial planning! build five presentations for work! answer a million emails! write my marketing plan for Thorington!), and so many things I procrastinate with instead (SOCHI IS A DISASTER OMG HAVE YOU READ THIS?). And my easily-distracted hyped-up-on-dayquil monkey mind keeps thinking of things I should be doing, which is not helpful since I really don't have the energy to do most of them.

So I suppose that means I should force myself to go to bed despite all the shiny distractions - goodnight!

Monday, February 03, 2014

illin like a villain

I'm quite miserably ill, which is an unfortunate and inconvenient way to start the week. I sincerely hope that it doesn't become my usual bronchitis, which I've miraculously evaded since last June if my blog is to be believed. I had expected to get it after Frankfurt/Paris, but I didn't, and so I suppose I'm overdue. But the cough appeared tonight on schedule, after a day of breathless misery, so I do not have high hopes.

Yes, I'm being overly dramatic. Yes, I know everyone hates being sick and I'm not a special princess who somehow gets a pass on being a whiny little bitch. Still, I'm feeling rather whiny, particularly when I think of all the million myriad things I need to get done. Which is, I know, counterproductive, since thinking of a million myriad things led to last month's epic meltdown and totally lack of productivity. I would suck it up, but since I can't breathe, sucking it up is rather painful right now.

But now I shall go to bed and hopefully sleep for eight or nine hours, and I am 95% sure I'll work from home tomorrow too since I really doubt that I'll be in any shape to go into the office. I worked from home today as well, which meant I could take a nap at lunchtime, which may be the only thing that saved me. That and the leftover Thai food I had for lunch, and the mint chip milkshake I had for supper (supper of champions - Alyssa would be so proud). But hopefully tomorrow I'll feel better enough that I won't be so obnoxious on zee blog - goodnight!

and she's watching him with those eyes

I'm miserably sick, as it turns out - which I suppose explains my general malaise yesterday, even thought I would have rather gotten back into the game today instead of waking up feeling like my head was going to pop off my body in a glorious explosion of blood and mucus. Okay, maybe 'glorious' isn't the right word. But I'm not feeling well at all, and it got worse instead of better throughout the day, which does not bode at all well for this week.

But I watched all of the bloodbath that was the Super Bowl, which involved making as many snarky comments as my voice (and Terry's tolerance) would allow. Terry and I were supposed to go out for dinner tonight, but in deference to the fact I can't breathe, we ordered Thai instead. And now I must go to sleep as I had meant to do three hours ago; it's pretty clear that I'm not going to go to work tomorrow, but I should get up in time for my morning meetings anyway so that I can attend them and then screw the rest of the day. Goodnight!

Saturday, February 01, 2014

i messed around and got addicted

Any attempt to recount today will inevitably bore you. I'm still really tired from my travels (or from life), so I spent the morning lazing about in bed, then grabbed some brunch, then slogged for a couple of hours, then got my brows waxed and made a much-needed grocery run. When I came home, Terry was here, and so we had the first conversation we've had in nearly two weeks while watching some 'How I Met Your Mother'. Then I sorted through mail and tax stuff, made supper (steak and a potato), and generally lived as exciting a life as it is possible to have when one is thirty-two and a hermit. And now I'm going to go to bed and hope that ten or twelve hours of sleep can finally help me kick my fatigue - goodnight!

the rubble or our sins

I'm super sleepy and intended to go to bed close to two hours ago, but folding clothes and messing around on the internet stymied me. I'm sad that I'm so tired; I was equally tired last night and slept for nine hours, so I thought I'd be in better shape tonight, but even with a nap at five p.m. I'm still a mess.

However, today was fine; I went to the office, slogged, went to the gym and trained with Alyssa, slogged some more, and came home around five. I took my aforementioned nap, then walked to Pac Heights and had dinner at the bar at Tortilla Heights. Brainstorming Thorington was going swimmingly, and I had a pretty good breakthrough, but the bar was suddenly and unexpectedly swarmed by people doing shots, so I vacated and walked home. And perhaps that's why I'm sleepy - tacos + margaritas + a three-mile round trip walk over a steep hill was probably not the most energizing combination.

But now I must sleep so that I can be more interesting and more productive tomorrow - goodnight!