Wednesday, June 20, 2018

lift me up like helium

Whelp, some stuff that I've been anticipating for awhile at work finally happened, and while I was expecting it, I still wasn't quite prepared for the chaos that was unleashed by it. It didn't help that I had to give a presentation to my VP and another VP this morning about something entirely unrelated. It also didn't help that I've been living with the slow-burning knowledge of this impending change for a long time - and then, all of the sudden, it happened, and it was a relief that it had happened and also an annoyance all at the same time.

But it's all good in the long run - just a lot to deal with in the short term. So after having meetings straight from 9:30 to 6:30, I ran a couple of quick errands (mostly to Sephora, where I bought lipstick because that solves all problems), grabbed a pizza, and came home, where I worked a bit more before finally throwing in the towel. At some point it's better to put down the laptop, live to fight another day, and drink a glass of wine while reading a book. I finished DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE - I don't know whether I liked it or not, tbh. The narrative arc, though, was super interesting, and the characters were interesting enough that I want to keep going with the series, so we'll see.

But now I need to go to bed so I can go into work tomorrow and deal with the aftermath of today's excitement - goodnight!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

we were staying in paris

I had a v v long day, but I survived it, and I might actually make it into bed before midnight (doubtful, but close). I had to get up early this morning, and I made it to the office in time to grab breakfast before an endless slog of meetings (and a lot of jokes and jhokes).

However, it was taco Tuesday, which always makes me happy. I also had happy hour with the team - Chris and Alice are visiting from SF, and we'll all take any opportunity to go out. We all went to Barrel, which is in the mall, but is pretty great for a mall bar - even if the outdoor seating felt dangerous given all the random rain/hail we've been having.

After that, Alice and Chris and I had dinner at Motomaki, and then we ended up grabbing another drink at their hotel. At 9:30pm it was time for me to turn into a pumpkin, and by pumpkin I mean laptop drudge; I came home, washed a couple of dishes and prepped my coffeemaker for the morning, and then worked for the last two hours, ugh.

But tomorrow is another day and there will be caffeine to greet me when it starts, so I should really sleep now. Goodnight!

Monday, June 18, 2018

if we go down then we go down together

I awoke this morning in Glenwood Springs, not at all excited to go back to work. But the man (and the paycheck) was calling, so I got ready, had breakfast and coffee, and then Heather (aka dear respected madam) and I checked out of the hotel and drove back to Boulder. It was about three hours exactly, which wasn't bad, but left me in no mood to work....

But luckily, work wasn't really intended for today anyway. I had a few meetings which took most of the afternoon and left no time for productivity. Then I should have done stuff tonight, but I wasn't feeling it, so I grabbed takeout Greek food (in a break between hailstorms), opened a bottle of wine, and totally procrastinated. Exciting, I know.

But now I'm going to sign off and either read or go to bed - goodnight!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

the petrified forest

I'm still in Glenwood Springs, but the weekend is drawing to a close and I just had to do a couple of hours of work, so I guess it's back to the grind tomorrow. But today was great - I got up and had breakfast downstairs, and then Heather (aka dear respected madam) and I went to Iron Mountain to play in their hot springs. Katie had recommended it, and she was totally right that I would enjoy it - a dozen or more small hot pools scattered over a delightfully landscaped area with a direct view of the Colorado River. The pools were between 99 and 107 degrees, with lots of natural minerals, and I felt like I was in the Old West attempting to recover from consumption.

So we sat around for a few hours, alternating between sitting in pools and lounging on chairs. I could have stayed all day, but unfortunately it started raining around the time we were ready to eat lunch. So we huddled under a canopy and ate along with everyone else who was trying to escape the downpour, and then we ended up coming back to the hotel.

When we got here, I showered, then spent some quality time talking to my parents (Happy Father's Day, Dad!), then generally hung out while Heather got a pedicure. Then we walked down the street and had dinner at The Pullman - I had a v. v. delicious Colorado bass with rice and mushrooms and tons of garlice, and a mediocre glass of wine, but the fish was good enough to make up for it. Then we came back to the hotel, hung out in the lobby for awhile, and then came upstairs, where we watched TV and I worked.

And now it's time for bed - goodnight!

Saturday, June 16, 2018

rain keeps falling

Today was pretty perfect. I slept later than planned, then spent some time messing around the house while talking to Heather (aka dear respected madam), and eating scrambled eggs, and packing for our weekend away. Then we drove up into the mountains, which are entirely gorgeous.

Our first stop was Beaver Creek, where we had lunch - this was mostly an inside joke, since Salim (her husband) always liked to claim that I was from Beaver Creek in some derogatory joke toward my rural upbringing. Of course, Beaver Creek, Colorado, is more like Squaw Valley - an upscale ski resort that is not rural at all. But we had a delightful lunch there, and wandered around the resort a bit, and it was a great break.

Then we drove to Glenwood Springs, and I was astonished by how quickly the landscape changed after Beaver Creek - we went from the Rockies to an alien land full of deep canyons, red rocks, and scrub vegetation, carved out of the earth by the Colorado River, which is rather effective at creating dramatic scenery. When we got here, we checked into the hotel (delightful), then walked around a little, then had a drink (or perhaps many drinks) at a nearby restaurant. We then went to the hot springs, but we only lasted 30min before it started raining pretty hard, and the cold rain on our faces wasn't quite as pleasant as the hot springs.

So now we're hanging out at the hotel, and it's pretty magical, but it's time for bed - goodnight!

Friday, June 15, 2018

i know it's pathetic, fuck it, yeah, i said it

I've had a long couple of days at work (hence the lack of blogging last night) - not so much the amount of time I spent working, but the amount of energy I expended while doing so. Yesterday was fine, but it was a lot of meetings, and I also had to walk twenty minutes in ninety degree heat to pick up my car from the dealership (I was overdue for service, and I decided I'd rather walk than take a lyft, but that was perhaps not wise due to the temps). But I got a pedicure, did a whole bunch of nothing around the house, and read a bit before bed (and also worked, but c'est la vie). So it could have been worse, I guess.

Today was somewhat slothful - not really, but I didn't get as much done as I wanted to. However, I did a bunch of meetings and also crossed some tings off my to-do list, and watched a bit of the Spain/Portugal World Cup game (someone 100% brought a large tv to the office and hooked it up on a desk, so we were watching soccer from our cubes v. comfortably). I left around 4:30, came home, dashed around like a madwoman taking care of stuff around the house, and then went to the airport to pick up Heather (aka dear respected madam), who is visiting for the weekend (yay!!).

We drove back into Boulder and went to River and Woods, of course, since I adore it (and they know I adore it, since my wine was comped). We sat on the back patio and I had my beloved poutine, and I think Heather enjoyed it as well. Then we drove around Boulder for a bit, including driving up into the hills briefly to get a view over town, and then we stopped at Whole Foods for some stuff for the weekend before coming home and gossiping for the last couple of hours.

But now I need to sleep - we're headed up into the mountains for the weekend, so I should enjoy my own bed tonight so that I can pack and take off tomorrow. Goodnight!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

what about all the times you said you had the answer

I had meetings pretty much straight from 9:30 to 5:30, which was totally exhausting - I told someone it was like being back in the gym after a couple of weeks off, since my mental stamina had noticeably declined and I was not in great shape by the end of it.

But I survived - and I got some work done before work, and then I hung out after work, and I had some tasty sushi in the middle of the day, so it could have been worse. It could have been way better, but it also could have been worse. I spent this evening procrastinating (I was so lazy that I ate yogurt for supper rather than bothering to heat up the chicken I made last night), but I eventually forced myself to write for a bit, so that's good. And I spent the last hour and a half doing work stuff - not fun, but I'll feel better about myself tomorrow for having gotten something done now.

And now it's time to sleep - goodnight!