Tuesday, September 20, 2005

i love my broken sideview mirror

So I haven't posted on this blog since May, although I've been posting like crazy on the Hyderabad blog. I just wanted to say that although the title of the previous post, 'return of the summer friend', may still hold true, my life has gotten much more enjoyable since that point. I've become really great friends with quite a few people here, and I'm going to miss them quite a bit when I leave. I hope that I can control my usual tendency to implode my friendships, since I'd like to keep in touch and see them in non-work contexts when we are all back in California. We shall see, shan't we? I'm only posting this because it now makes me sad/amused that a few months ago, I was sure that nothing crazy or fun would happen because my coworkers were too grown up. Either I was wrong about them, or my tendency toward insanity rubbed off on them--but either way, you can't pretend that the scavenger hunt or the trip to Hampi was anything but awesomely outrageous.

I don't know what's going to become of this blog when I come back from India; maybe I should start an entirely new one, but this one has a significant amount of my past on it. We shall see. Feel free to suggest new blog names--but don't expect more posts in this one until I get back to the States.