Monday, July 03, 2017

save the buckshot turn up the band

As you may have guessed from last night's post, I spent today paying the wages of my sins. I had the worst hangover I've had in many months - probably the only hangovers in the past year that compare with this one also involved Ritu and Bill (and that guy I had five bottles of rosé with last summer), so I guess today was par for the course.

Yesterday was great, though - I woke up at 8am in Colorado Springs feeling mildly hungover and sleep deprived (I'd had a lot of rosé with Barbara on Saturday since it was our last night together, but it was nothing like yesterday), but I managed to shower and pack my stuff and load my car and drive to Denver in time to have brunch with some friends who were in town. Ritu/Bill, Chris/Connie, and Steph/Jon were all at a wedding in Boulder this weekend, but I don't know the bride very well and so wasn't invited. But we managed to get together for breakfast at a place called Marlowe's - it was surrounded by some v. interesting people-watching, since there appeared to be both Denver ComicCon and some sort of little person gathering going on nearby.

My friends were all delightful, as per usual, and the brunch went all too fast. Chris and Connie (and their adorable children) had to leave for the airport and Steph/Jon went back to Boulder to see family, but Ritu and Bill and I were in it for the long haul. I was trying to be good (I know, you've heard that before, but really!), but it's hard to be good when the plan is to hang out in drink-type places for eleven hours straight...

We started off at Old Major, where I limited myself to one cocktail (a pimms cup) and some charcuterie (if I'm pleased with anything about yesterday, it's that we didn't gorge ourselves with eighteen meals). Then we got ice cream at Little Man, then had drinks at a place called Occidental (which is trying to be a punk bar, but it's trying a little too hard - but my drinks were decent).

Then we went next door to this speakeasy we discovered called Williams and Graham - it looks like a bookshop (which is why we initially looked at it), but the bar is hidden behind a fake bookcase. We were there when they opened and got in right away, and it was really awesome - I had three different cocktails (a boulevardier, a pisco sour, and another drink with egg whites that was quite yummy). The problem with me and cocktails is a) I love them, b) I want to try them all, and c) once I've had two, I want to have ten....

...which is pretty much what happened. Bill's friend Zac joined us at the speakeasy, and we all had an 8pm reservation at Root Down, which is one of my favorite restaurants in Denver. The food was excellent, as per usual, and my drinks there (the Don Draper, which was another whisky cocktail) were delish (and bordering on unnecessary). Then we ended up at Avanti, where I had a couple of v. ill-advised old fashioneds. Last call was earlier than we were ready to stop hanging out, so we went back to Katie's place and stood around in the kitchen and played some music-related trivia until it was time to send them all packing so I could sleep.

But I didn't get enough sleep, and this morning was an exercise in pain. The only silver lining is that the extreme relaxation I got to yesterday seems to have helped my shoulder - it definitely didn't hurt as much today, and while I don't think alcohol is really a solution, I'm certainly going to try to figure out how to stay relaxed so it can heal.

Anyway, I eventually showered and packed everything and met up for a late lunch with Ritu and Bill at a place I found called the Bacon Social House. You might have guessed that bacon features heavily on their menu. I thought it was super tasty, although putting bacon inside your tater tots is perhaps unnecessary (but yummy). And Ritu got a gluten free pancake that was super good and momentarily made me miss the sugary carb-bomb breakfasts that I mostly no longer have.

Sadly, we had to part ways before I could fully convince them to move to Denver - it probably doesn't help that I spent last night rambling about moving to Iowa and running for office, and so now they're not totally convinced I'll be here if they move here. But I'm going to keep trying - and if any of the rest of you want to move to Denver, DO IT.

After I said goodbye to them, I drove down to Castle Rock - my aunt and her scandalous pirate husband are here this week, so I'm hanging out with them. It already feels so good to have unpacked a bit, since I'll be here for a few nights - I need some downtime so I can write, and this feels perfect. I called my parents when I got here, and then Aunt B and I went to the grocery store and stocked up. We had a light dinner (mostly cheese) and hung out way past everyone's bedtime, and now I need to sleep so I can finish my recovery and get ready for tomorrow. Goodnight!

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