Saturday, April 08, 2017

and i still don't know why i love you so much

Too tired to blog, but today was some of the farewell I needed - I woke up after extremely fitful sleep (going to bed at four a.m. after bleeding myself totally dry on the story made for restless slumber) and made some tea in my room, and then I immediately started packing. I'm mostly done, but I have a bunch of trash to take out and some remaining things to tuck into my bags tomorrow. Luckily my flight isn't until 1:30pm, so I can get up at a civilized time (but since it's 2am here, a 'civilized time' still means I'm only getting six hours of sleep).

But I managed to take a break to get a pedicure - I hadn't had one since Singapore, which was six weeks and many lifetimes ago, so my toes were looking super ragged. Today was the nicest day of all the days I've spent in London, and it was lovely to walk outside and feel the sun on my face and know that I get to tell a different story starting this week. Verdict is out on whether it's going to be SPINSTER HONEYMOON or the young adult gargoyle book - I'm going to play and see what happens.

After my pedicure (when I was still in my post-book haze and reverted to my american ways and tipped 20% and clearly confused the hell out of all of them), I walked back here, grabbed my laptop, and did some work. I also had a goodbye drink in the coworking space with Philippa, who is one of the best people I met here. Then I took a quick nap before going to Bluebird to meet Gemma - she was at the Bali Roam, and she lives near London but this was our only chance to get together. It was great to see her, and also to experience Bluebird on a Saturday night, when the Chelsea scene (tight dresses, suit jackets, posh attitudes) is in full force.

After saying goodbye to her (again), I met up with Michelle and Amanda for a final girls' night out. We had a bottle of wine at Chelsea Potter (well, Michelle and I had it; Amanda had cider), then we grabbed gelato, and then we came back here and drank more wine and ate all the cheese that I had while talking about life and love and everything else. The worst part (possibly the only truly bad part) about this nomadic existence has been saying goodbye to people, and I didn't enjoy saying goodbye to them - but hopefully I'll see them both again soon, either at another Roam or in other cities on future dates.

But now that I've written far more than intended (but it took six minutes to write this - my fingers are still in #beastmode), I really need to eke all the sleep I can out of the last night in this bed so that I can go to Venice with a happy heart. Goodnight!

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