Sunday, April 02, 2017

forest sounds

Today was immensely boring, although I talked to my parents (always entertaining) and to Bali Sarah (no closer to figuring out where I'm living this summer, but I'm itching to make some plans, and since she's also nomadic I'm trying to intersect with her for a couple of weeks). I also wrote, did laundry, answered emails, and got way too distracted. And I took a walk and picked up takeout for dinner, since I was desperate to leave the house for a little bit.

But this book is soooo close to done, and yet so far away, and I can't waste any more time if I'm going to finish by Friday. Every other book has required me going away for a few days to finish it, and I hit that wall today - and so while it feels ridiculous to book a hotel to take a break from my hotel, I'm owning my ridiculousness and doing it anyway. I can't go tomorrow because I have an interview for a podcast and I have to have good internet, but Tuesday morning I'm going to an undisclosed location (aka York) and staying until Friday. And I'll either finish the book there, or I will come back a sobbing mess and will drink wine until it's time to go to Venice so that I can forget my failures.

And now I shall sleep, and aim for a better day tomorrow (which requires staying in my room so that my #fomo doesn't result in me talking to everyone who wanders through the kitchen/coworking space). Goodnight!

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