Saturday, April 15, 2017

I didn't didn't

This wasn't as rough as flying to Bali, but it's 12:39am in Boston and I've been moving for approximately 24hrs. I didn't get seasick leaving Venice despite the fact that it was misting and the sea was swelling and everything still felt like it was rocking, so I'm taking that as a win. Checking in was a v long line, and I barely had time to grab some prosciutto and some potato chips for lunch (lunch of champions, but gluten free is hard for Italian fast food). And my transit through Oslo was super rushed - but then luxury, since my cabin was oddly empty (I'd booked premium because it was almost the same cost as economy, and this was definitely the way to go).

When I got to Boston, Ritu and Bill were waiting outside baggage claim, which was a surprisingly touching treat. Then we grabbed snacks, can't home, drank and ate, and then went to a 10pm reservation at our favorite Mediterranean tapas place. But I was falling asleep at the end, so it's good that we came home rather than going for third dinner....

But now I've taken melatonin and am desperate for a bed - goodnight!

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