Tuesday, April 18, 2017

traveling prayer

It's only 9:12pm in ye olde Iowa, but I'm going to go to bed as soon as I write this. I barely slept last night, no doubt fueled by too many margaritas and mai tais (two of my favorite cocktails, but they really shouldn't be consumed in the same day). Yesterday was an exercise in overindulgence, which was precisely the opposite of the exercise undertaken by all the marathon runners - while they were running, and while Ritu was volunteering in the post-race emergency tent, Bill and I sat at a restaurant and had many drinks and ate lots of tasty Mexican food. I'd worked diligently all morning, but diligence definitely went by the wayside (along with my sobriety)....

When Ritu got back from volunteering, we had a lateish dinner at Tiger Mama, which was super delish - kind of Indonesian food, or at least southeast Asian with some Chinese mixed in. We had a whole duck, as I referenced last night, and I had two mai tais, and it was all delightful.

But my hangover was not delightful, nor was the fact that I had to get on a plane. Bill and Ritu graciously took me to the airport, which I really appreciated, and my travels were all v. smooth (other than the turbulent approach to Atlanta, where I had a layover, which made me want to vomit). I did a tiny bit of work and a tiny bit of reading on the plane, but mostly I napped and reconsidered my life decisions.

Then I got to Iowa, where my parents and [censored] picked me up. We had our traditional dinner at Johnny's, where I ordered a v. nontraditional chicken (my body is rebelling after all the stuff I've forced into it the last two weeks, and for once I didn't think steak would help). Then we came home, I hung out valiantly for an hour, and now I'm giving up and going to bed anyway. There's tons of stuff I want to get done in the next ten days, and tons of quality time I need to spend with my family, so getting some sleep now is imperative. Goodnight!

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