Monday, April 10, 2017

venezia waits for you

Apologies for not blogging last night - I arrived in Venice to glorious afternoon sun, ate crab gnocchi, and promptly got vile food poisoning that resulted in me vomiting for three hours straight (scouts' report: the tile floor of my bathroom was delightfully cool while I sweated through my shirt). I am now wondering if I actually have a strange shellfish allergy, since this happened a year ago right now when I ate sushi at the Chicago airport on my way to a conference - it was the exact same onset and duration of symptoms. But I've had shellfish in between, so maybe it was just bad food poisoning luck.

Anyway, I woke up this morning feeling way better but totally exhausted - I've barely been sleeping the last week (did you know I wrote a book?), and yesterday was a total wreck anyway because I was hungover from Saturday night, got very carsick (to the point I almost had the guy pull over) in the cab from London to Gatwick, got slightly seasick on the water taxi from the Venice airport to the hotel, and had one super bleak moment where I got off on the dock outside my hotel and the dock was bobbing all over the place and I had to heave my giant backpack on my back and suddenly thought I might get pulled over backwards into the canal. So yeah, yesterday was not ideal.

But today was gorgeous. I enjoyed the writing exercises this morning, and I'm glad to have a week to play and write new things that aren't related to Lucy and Max. Veronica, Lisa and I had lunch at a little restaurant on an ancient square, and then we went on a pilgrimage to find the Fabriano store - Fabriano makes delightful papers, and while they aren't as delightful as my beloved Leuchtturm1917s (of which I bought three, in limited edition metallic colors, in London), they're v. v. close. So I bought a notebook and a pen, because that's what I do, even though I can only get two more kilos of stuff to hit the weight limit on Norwegian next weekend. Maybe I should wear all my jewelry onto the flight like a fucking pirate queen...but hopefully it won't come to that.

When we got back to the hotel, I did some work in a gorgeous, quiet courtyard, and then I took a nap, which was the real standout highlight of my day. Then I had dinner with Veronica and her husband and son - I was supposed to go on a walking/drinking tour, but walking/drinking seemed like a bad idea for my slightly-fragile stomach. So we had a lowkey dinner instead, with some more delicious gnocchi for me (I'm assuming the food poisoning was caused by crab, not gnocchi, but we'll find out!). Then I came home under a gorgeous full moon, worked some more on pre-release-day stuff, and called my parents since I missed calling them last night.

And now I'm desperate for sleep - goodnight!

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