Thursday, March 02, 2017

empire state of mind

No blog tonight...I'm deep in the story and so have nothing interesting to report. I did, however, take a break to enjoy the first truly sunny day since I got here, and I walked to Hyde Park Corner (home of the Wellington memorial, among other things). And I got a steak (the first steak I've had in almost eight weeks, I think) and a glass of wine at a pub - but 'pub' doesn't make it sound nearly as posh as it ended up being. It felt like an underused pub when I got there at five, but by the time I left at 6:15, the bar area was packed and there were lots of men in suits loitering around outside with their drinks.

But that's all you get - I spent the rest of the day working, occasionally procrastinating, and having a lunch break with some people here (which led to me talking about tech issues with two of the company founders, which is always interesting). And now I must sleep - goodnight!

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