Tuesday, March 14, 2017

man in the mirror

Today was a fairly shitty day, all in all. It got better towards the end, but I woke up to grey gloom, immediately panicked because I thought I hadn't paid my health insurance bill (I hadn't, but it wasn't due yet, but since I just switched insurers I don't have autopay set up, etc.), and then wasted a lot of time online. Then I took a shower, and the steam set off the building fire alarm - this also happened last week, but last week, the community manager (Michelle) told me that it was a different room responsible and that they'd been smoking in their room. But there's no other explanation why it went off today. It's also annoying since I'm not showering particularly long or hot, but my room is small and I guess the steam does what it wants.

sssanyway. After that I was in a very foul mood, and I pretty much continued to stay there. But the day ended on a slightly brighter note - I ordered in Indian food with Jenn and Michelle, and we ate it in the coworking space while talking to a guy whom they call Strong Michael (he was apparently here before I was and just came back, and when he was here earlier, there was also a smaller Michael). Strong Michael is an Irish fitness coach who's potentially moving to LA, so I dropped some knowledge that I've acquired from Alyssa and thus befriended him immediately (and by that I mean I think he now wants to hook up with Alyssa, but you know, that's how friendships form).

So at least there were some positives today. I also wrote a little bit tonight when I got back to my room. But at this point I'm just going to pull the covers over my head and hope that tomorrow is better. Oddly enough, Jenn and Michelle had the exact same day - so maybe it's something in the air today (that something being lack of sun, perhaps). Goodnight!

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