Wednesday, March 15, 2017

what'd i miss

Today was really lovely if you ignore the fact that I have a book due very imminently. I woke up at eight, made tea, and read and journaled in bed - it felt kind of like the peace I attained at the silent retreat, and I was in a way better mood today than yesterday because of it. Or maybe I was in a better mood because the sun was out, which is always better.

So because the sun was out, I decided to go for a walk and take advantage of it. I had lunch at Muriel's, which is a brunch-y type place that I've been to a couple of times already - the people watching at the window bar is great, and today's food choice was perfect (grilled halloumi cheese, tomatoes, and poached eggs, with a side of excellent fried potatoes). Then I took the tube to the British Museum. It's free, so I felt no guilt about dipping in and out for an hour. I mostly went down the ancient Europe corridor, and was made sad by a box full of human bones, and started daydreaming about all the people who lived, died, and were buried with objects that are now on display in a way they never, ever could have imagined. I ended up in the Sutton Hoo room, with all the burial horde that was discovered in a ceremonially buried ship, and now I'm dreaming of stories that have nothing to do with the Regency...

...but I have to finish this fucking book first. So I left, and wandered toward Covent Garden - I wanted to walk through Seven Dials, which used to be one of London's most notorious slums. It's got seven streets radiating out from a central circle, with lots of little nooks and alleyways that started out posh back in the 1600s and then quickly degenerated into a nest for thieves and whores. But now it's in the heart of some prime real estate, and the alley I stumbled into was totally gorgeous - if I didn't need to write, I would have spent the rest of the afternoon drinking prosecco in the sun and watching people come and go.

But writing had to get done, so I came back to Roam and worked for a couple of hours. I should have kept working, but I'd already rsvp'd yes to community dinner, which was at Bluebird - which, it turns out, was rather posh. I liked my risotto, although it was so full of garlic that I probably won't be fit company for a day or two. And they comped us some champagne to start since Michelle (the community manager) organized it, so that was a lovely beginning.

But just as we were done, some dude showed up 2.5 hours late, and proceeded to order food, and I was beyond over it, so Jenn and I paid and left the rest of them to babysit him. And now I am going to sleep - I should write more tonight, but sleep is probably the better decision. Goodnight!

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