Monday, March 13, 2017

your eyes keep on shifting to the boys that don't matter

Today was pretty great, all in all. I totally didn't hold to the plan I'd made for myself for today, mostly because it involved getting up at 6:30am and I instead turned off my alarm and slept until almost nine. Oops.

But I eventually got up, showered, went downstairs, spent some leisurely time making tea in the kitchen while talking to Michelle and Jenn, and eventually got to work. I took a very long break at noon, though, to talk to Sarah (the friend I made in Bali) - we had a video chat for almost two hours, thus confirming that we're more than just summer friends. We're making tentative plans to hang out and work someplace together for a month this summer, which would be awesome - it would give me a chance to go someplace where I don't necessarily know anyone, since I would have some social outlet with her built in. So, we'll see if that happens, but I'm crossing my summer could be quite delightful if some of the things that are currently in the works fall into place.

Then I was going to write some more, but it was a gorgeous day today, so I decided to go for a walk. I ended up going to the Temple Church, which I've been to before; it was the home of the Knights Templar way back in the day, before they were disbanded in the 1300s for heresy (aka getting too rich and powerful), and is now the main chapel of a couple of the Inns of Court. I wasn't planning to go in since I'd been there before, but there was an exhibit on the contribution of various Inns of Court members during World War I (spoiler: a whole bunch of them died, which was true of so much of England). So I went in, and it was all pretty fascinating stuff.

Then I walked back along the Thames for awhile, although I eventually decided that I would be better served by writing my fucking book than I would be by exploring more. So I headed back to my neighborhood, with a stop at lululemon to buy a sweatshirt (I should have brought a hoodie with me, and I'm tired of regretting almost every day that I don't have one) and a stop at a tea shop to buy more loose leaf tea, since I'm drinking tea like a fiend here. Then I went to Good Life and had a cappuccino and a muffin, thinking that would fuel me for writing...

But then I talked to Katie for an hour, which was way better than writing. She'd gone to Mexico for a few days on vacation, so we talked about that + how hard the reentry to work is after a trip to Mexico. After we got off the phone, I messed around online, then went downstairs to reheat last night's Lebanese food for dinner - but the only other person in the kitchen was someone I'm quickly growing to dislike excessively, so I only ate half my dinner since I didn't want to sit around and heat up/eat the other half while she was there. Yes, going to bed hangry is only punishing myself, but you know how I roll.

However, despite that setback, I still managed to get some good writing done tonight to make up for my afternoon break. And now I'm going to sleep, and aim toward making tomorrow fit my intended schedule better - goodnight!

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