Monday, March 06, 2017

offer me that deathless death

I was falling asleep moments ago, so I need to get this posted and go to bed. Today was a pretty good day for a Monday (which somehow still resonates even though I haven't had a day job that required distinguishing between weekdays and weekends in a long time). I got up, ate some cereal, worked, ate some eggs for lunch, worked some more, took a quick nap, went down the street to get a coffee to wake myself up, and worked some more.

But at 4:30ish I stopped and took the tube to the King's Cross/St Pancras area, which is home to the British Library. First, I bought a dress (Jen is coming to visit in a couple of weeks and we've booked a couple of fancy ladies' engagements, and I suddenly panicked that maybe I should have something nicer than what I've been traveling with for the last two months). Then I went to a pub called Somerstown Coffee House - it's super comfy inside, but the real draw was that I discovered, quite by accident, that they have gluten free fish and chips. Since I love fish and chips and can't usually have them anymore, I went for that, and they were delightful.

Then I went to the British Library - the real reason I went to that part of town was because I'd bought a ticket to a talk about mesmerism (hypnotism) called 'Science vs. Superstition in the Victorian Era'. I'm idly begin to look for an idea for my next series, and it might have something to do with science, so even though 1837 is a little past my time, I thought this would be interesting. And it was interesting - I'm glad I went, even if part of me was thinking about my massive to-do list rather than the equally important long-term work of learning new things...

Then I took the tube home and strolled through the darkened streets around Sloane Square while falling even more in love with London than I already was. And now I'm desperate for sleep, so I'm going to indulge - goodnight!

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