Friday, March 03, 2017

i found someone to carry me home tonight

So much for not making friends. I had a pretty productive day today, and was mostly happy with what I got done, even though I got up a little later than I had been getting up (maybe the jetlag is wearing off). I also took a break to give twenty minutes of my time to someone who's doing a dissertation on coliving spaces, so she filmed an interview with me. And I walked down the street and got a cappuccino and a gluten free blueberry muffin, and that all made me v. happy.

But at 5:30 or 6 I went downstairs to make tea and consider what to do about the book, and I started talking to some people, and that turned into dinner at a Lebanese place with Jenn (who has worked for the Kardashians as a social media person), Jenn's friend Marianne (who is like 10-12 years younger than us and whom she met in Paris at some random meetup), Malika, Georgi, and Genevieve (Georgi and Genevieve just showed up for the weekend, and they seem super fun; Malika is also really cool). The food was excellent, but the service was slow, so we were there for over two hours - but it was all vastly entertaining.

Then we came back and went to the kitchen and merged with another party, and I opened a bottle of wine to share with Malika (the Lebanese place was dry, so my first drink was at ten p.m.), and I ended up going with Malika, another Sara, Johan, and Dane until after two a.m. But I had to go to bed before them - I usually try to hang until the bitter end, but I need to sleep so that I can get some work done tomorrow. This was already waaaaay later than I planned to stay up - I'd turned down plans with Gemma (from Bali, who lives in London) because I didn't want to stay up late tonight, but I of course screwed that vow up. Goodnight!

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