Monday, March 20, 2017

this town was meant for passing through

Today was good, but I'm feeling cranky and annoyed at having to spend time with other people - even though I like everyone I currently have to spend time with. I woke up and decided to go downstairs and make tea and breakfast before writing, and this ended up taking over an hour because people were talking and then one girl (Mari) gave an impromptu viola concert (she is v. talented since playing the viola is her job, but it's hard to walk out in the middle of someone performing their heart out, even if they're in their pajamas).

So then I came upstairs and wrote, and I was deeper into the story than I've been in ages, and it was flowing and feeling good...but then I had to stop because I'd agreed to go to a museum with Penny (a documentary filmmaker from Australia). We went to the Science Museum so she could see a small exhibit on a Russian female cosmonaut, and then we walked around some other sections while talking about life and fertility, which was all interesting and grim at the same time.

Then we came back here, and I inadvertently took a nap and wasted time - I think it was actually because I'm at my introvert wall where people are draining my energy, and so even a trip to a museum (which I love) was enough to knock me out. Then I went downstairs to make tea, and I decided to make supper rather than ordering in. What I made was quite tasty - I turned some bacon and a red onion and a jar of pasta sauce into a knock-off version of the spaghetti alla amatriciana that I make at home, and it was really deliciously satisfying. But people came in and harshed my mellow, and it took almost two hours to escape.

So then I came back upstairs and worked, but that also involved rereading my gargoyles book, which I really need to either write or let go of forever. And now I need to sleep - goodnight!

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