Wednesday, March 01, 2017

love like a sunset

I'm too tired to blog - I've been getting up at five a.m., and while that's highly unusual for me, I'm going to keep the trend going while I can because I'm being pretty productive in the mornings. Today was full of slogging - I wrote, wrote some more, and then took a lunch break to have lunch at an Italian place in South Kensington and then mail a letter to the US. Then I came back, slogged some more, took a nap (but only thirty minutes this time), and then had a v. long conversation with Lauren (aka Subz).

At that point, I was already an hour late for the community dinner, which I had fully intended to go to - well, fully intended to go to at two p.m., when I bought a bottle of wine for it on the way back from the post office. By 5:45pm, right before calling Lauren, I knew there was a chance I would bail, so I quickly made some tea and made a sandwich that I stored in the mini-fridge in my room. And that saved my life, since I ate the sandwich instead of going down to talk to people. And now I'm going to continue my hermitville and go to sleep - goodnight!

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