Saturday, March 04, 2017

let me ride that donkey

As you might have expected, I spent part of today paying the wages of last night's sins. I wasn't hungover, but I was really tired - going to bed at three, when I've been jetlagged and going to bed at nine or ten, was v. unwelcome (although the night was fun). So I got up at ten-ish, sluggishly got ready, and decided to have breakfast/brunch at Muriel's since I needed potatoes to revive me. When I got there, I got lucky and scored a bar seat in the window, which was perfect for people-watching and drinking coffee and reading for awhile. Sadly, the omelette I got was too dry (I should've gotten poached eggs with something), but the potatoes there are on point, so it was definitely an overall winner.

Then I came back to Roam and worked sporadically for the rest of the day - I made some valiant attempts, but I was having trouble focusing. But I also did some planning for the week, and I took a break to get a cappuccino and some banana bread - the nearest coffee shop happens to have both excellent coffee and a wide assortment of gluten free baked goods. This is dangerous, since I'm usually not tempted by baked goods (because of the gluten) and so kicked my muffin and scone habit years ago, but this could get me back into a full-fledged addiction in no time.

At some point around six p.m. I took a nap, which was probably ill-advised. And then I avoided leaving my room so that I wouldn't run into any of the people who were going out, since I didn't want to be tempted. I also did some more writing tonight, which was good - but now I'm out of words and out of steam, and so I'm going to go to bed early and hope I wake up tomorrow with a clear head. Goodnight!

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Anonymous said...

London. Did you see the news story about the 500 pound UXB (unexploded bomb) from WWII found in London this week? Slater