Monday, April 26, 2010

mr. and mrs. man, to you, a son: ice!

I'm falling asleep over my keyboard, so this will necessarily be brief; but the highlight of the day was that Vidya came over and finally succeeded in making me watch "In the Loop". It's ostensibly a satire about the lead-up to the Iraq war -- but it was also the funniest movie I've seen in months, if not years. The British humor was perfectly done, and there were some extremely memorable characters (the violently angry Scotsman and his little angry-Scots assistant, for example). You can also expect that the blog titles for the next few nights will be quotes from the movie -- I'm in love!

I rest of the day was v. lazy; I did drag myself out of bed at 8:30, cleaned up, took the muni (which was experiencing ridiculous delays) to the mall, had a latte to wake myself up, and then checked in for a massage and a facial at the place I went to in February. It was perfectly relaxing and I like that masseuse -- I've had her twice now, and she's excellent even if I do feel bruised afterward. The facial appears to have helped my skin, but oddly enough the aesthetician spent two-thirds of her time massaging me rather than cleaning my skin (even though she knew that I had just gotten at legit massage from someone else).

Anyway, after the spa, I went to Borders in the mall and picked up a couple of paragraphs (plus an introductory history of the Crusades), and then had a leisurely lunch at the cafe inside Nordstrom. I eventually made it home, where I talked to my parents for quite awhile. Then I spent some time doing research for my book before Vidya came over -- and now I'm going to bed! I'm working out of the city tomorrow, so getting up early isn't totally vital, but I do have a lot to get done if I'm going to make it to Cancun. Goodnight!

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Unknown said...

the Nordstrom Cafe in SF is the best! I love their salads and french fries