Thursday, April 27, 2017

on a hippie trail head full of zombie

I'm exhausted and I have breakfast plans in eight hours, so it's time to go to bed - but I have successfully arrived in Milwaukee, which is unfortunately about the last place I want to be. It's super cold, and they're renovating the hotel while we're all here, which has made for some interesting times. I was lucky in that I didn't have to wait hours for a room - but also unlucky in that my room is ancient, smells funky, and doesn't have a new mattress yet. I don't remember last year's room being quite this bad, but I also spent my first night last year throwing up from food poisoning, so really, my memory is fuzzy on the matter.

sssanyway. I'll be less surly when I am actually participating in the event (maybe). I got up today at 6:45, showered, ate breakfast that was lovingly prepared by my dad (to the same specifications as all their breakfasts), finished getting ready, and bid a fond farewell to my parents. [censored] graciously took me to the airport, and we listened to [censored] and [censored] and [censored], with a little [censored].

My trip was totally uneventful, but it would have been faster to drive to Milwaukee. I spent three hours sitting in Chicago, where I wandered around looking for a vending machine that gives out free Google Fi gear (success, but in retrospect I shouldn't have walked all the way across O'Hare for a free luggage tag, no matter how nice it is), and then had a long lunch while writing and also talking to Katie (whom I made many grandiose promises to).

Then I got on the plane to Milwaukee, which spent more time taxiing in Chicago/Milwaukee than it did in the air. The rest of the evening was uneventful - I got to the hotel, unpacked a bit, ate dinner with the other authors (and by that I mean I ignored everyone and talked to Deb, who's a San Francisco friend, although she left SF after I did and is now going to travel around Europe all summer). Then I came to my room, finished unpacking, and did three hours of work. And now I'm going to sleep and hope that I wake up in time for breakfast - goodnight!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

a banjo on my knee

I'm still too tired to blog, but I'm getting complaints even from the people I'm currently with who know exactly what I've been up to this week, so I'll write something brief so I can move on with my life. Today was my last full day in ye olde Iowa - the trip went way too quickly, and now it's time to pick up and move on to my next adventure.

So, I spent today as I spend all last days somewhere - furiously packing, taking care of last-minute tasks, and generally running around like crazy. This was a slightly harder packing job than the last few since I had many more possible items to choose from, and also because I have to take thirty pounds of books and gifts to Milwaukee for the event I'm going to.

But I think I have the right things with me - this time, the climates will range from Milwaukee in April (45 degrees and raining) to SF (looks warm, feels cold) to Miami (sunshine with a chance of Zika) to San Antonio in June (you might as well pray for the sweet release of death rather than trying to pack for the heat/humidity). So I've packed mostly warm-weather stuff with some layers to add on top, and hopefully everything will work out.

When I was finally done packing, it was nearly time for supper (but I snuck in some potato chips and my favorite dip an hour beforehand, so I wasn't particularly hungry). Then, we played Ticket to Ride - we only played one game, and [censored] won, but Mom came in a close second despite looking like she was losing the entire game, so that was exciting.

And then I came downstairs, dealt with all the highly unpleasant mail that had piled up while I was gone (and that I probably should have dealt with a week, and now need to eke out six hours of sleep so I can get up and go to Milwaukee. Goodnight!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

beautiful man i know you're lying

No blog again tonight...I stayed up way too late answering email, and I have a million and one things to do tomorrow to prep for my next trip. Goodnight​!

Monday, April 24, 2017

billy the kid

I'm too tired to blog tonight, which is just as well since it's basically all [censored] anyway. Goodnight!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

don't hurt yourself

#sorrynotsorry for not blogging last night - I was super sleepy and fell asleep as I was journaling, so no blog for you. Today was similarly fun/tiring - Uncle Mark and Aunt Kathy came down for the day, and since they arrived a little after nine, it was indeed a full day.

However, I didn't spent a lot of time with them in the morning - when they got here I was taking care of stuff online (mostly related to packing up and leaving again), and then my dad and I went into town to see Gram (scouts' report: dementia is still the worst). But we were back well in time for lunch, which was delish - bratwurst, hamburgers, homemade potato salad (because potato salad from a container is an abomination), baked beans, and layered lettuce. Or, in other words, one of my favorite Iowa summer meals.

Mark and Kathy spent the rest of the afternoon here, and Kathy and I split a bottle of sauvignon blanc that I had in the fridge, so everyone got through the day unscathed. Then they left, [censored] decided to [censor], and I spent the rest of the evening watching some fine CBS programming while continuing to prep for my next set of adventures.

And now I must sleep - goodnight!

Friday, April 21, 2017

you could be happy and i won't know

Way too tired to blog - I spent hours trying to catch up today, and I feel like for every email I send and every task I do, another two spring up to take their place. But I sent a bunch of emails, booked plane tickets and cars and airbnbs and other things, went to the Round Barn (twice!), and did it all without requiring a nap. I also unpacked all my stuff and documented what I'd taken with me so I can make better decisions next time (for example, I took way too much first aid stuff + vitamins I didn't finish, and I should reevaluate, because that all adds up to weight I have to schlepp around).

Finally, we had an excellent supper - my mom made a beef roast that was almost exactly like prime rib, along with a baked potato and a salad, and I was pretty delighted. But I came downstairs all too soon, talked to [censored], finished unpacking (it's not all put away yet, but it's a start), and finally wrote for thirty minutes on a somewhat-secret project.

And now I'm tapped out and need sleep - goodnight!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

washed up on the sand, barely alive, wishing the undertow would stop

I'm super sleepy - my jetlag has confused all of us, since I almost always wake up sometime around ten when I'm in Iowa, and right now I'm regularly waking up between six and seven. This is a problem that must be rectified. But it probably won't be rectified tonight.

I worked allll day - mostly promo stuff, since I continue to realize that I should probably be selling this book. I also had a call with someone from my old place of employment who wanted advice on leaving (it's pretty clear what he wanted to hear since he talked to me), answered some personal email (work email is still backlogged), etc.

Then we ate supper - hamburgers, green beans, fried potatoes, and the general sense of midwest satisfaction that comes from such a meal. And then I came downstairs 2.5 hours ago with the plan of going to bed, but I ordered a bunch of stuff for next week's author signing, since that *had* to get done immediately.

And now, after a super boring post, it's time for sleep - goodnight!