Sunday, February 19, 2017

sugar coma

Nothing to report - I got up late because I'd stayed up late, and then I had lunch at Juno's, and then I wrote all afternoon. For dinner, I went with several people (including a new person, since apparently I have to keep making friends right up to the last moment) to Room4Dessert, which was tasty (again), but took waaaay too long. We ordered some regular food to start, and then we shared the 'full tasting', which was all nine desserts on the list - and rather than bringing them out smorgasbord style, they brought each dessert one at a time, with 10-15mins between each one, which took forever (so long we had to call our taxi and tell him not to come yet).

And then we got home, and I wrote for another hour, but I've hit the wall hard and need to sleep. Goodnight!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

we got fun and games

Sorry for the late post - I was writing for the last three hours, and didn't feel like stopping until I hit the wall really hard and realized that this is approximately five hours after the bedtime that had been imposed by the lack of lights at the silent retreat.

So, as you can guess from that, today was good, but I'm trying to go hard after the book again since I have a serious deadline and am not as far along as I would like. I got up and tried a new place for breakfast/coffee - Juno's is super close by here, but it requires turning left instead of right when you leave my hotel, and I don't do that very often. It was great, though, and I spent several hours catching up on email and life tasks while drinking coffee and observing the world.

Then I came back here and procrastinated. But I broke the procrastination cycle and wrote some this afternoon (after buying some ointment for the very very many ant bites I've acquired), and then I virtuously skipped all fun plans and worked this evening. I did write at Element with a burger and a glass of wine (it's like a poor man's Des Amis, if you remember my love for that place)...and like Des Amis, I've made friends with the staff, which is a double-edged sword since they're friendly but they also tend to want to talk while I'm working.

But I got some good stuff done, and then I took a break when I got back here to hang out in the kitchen and talk to the people who had had fun tonight (I didn't miss much, although their food/drink options were much more varied than mine). Then I came upstairs and worked for three hours. And now I am desperate for sleep so I can do similar magical feats tomorrow - goodnight!

Friday, February 17, 2017

put my thing down, flip it and reverse it

I had an amazing time at my silent retreat - so amazing that I can't really put it into words. And also, I am desperate to sleep - it's 10:23pm, but I went to bed by nine for the last three nights because there were basically no lights in the retreat (it was solar powered, so I could read with a reading lamp, but that gets old), so I've hit my wall for the day. Also, I left the retreat and returned straight into eight hours of socializing, which was too much (albeit good).

So you're going to have to wait for a recap - just suffice it to say that the retreat was incredible, the location was stunning, the food was great (I never knew how much I liked curried cassava until now), I was glad I smuggled in some caffeinated tea, and I'm already trying to figure out when I can go back for a week. But now I need to sleep, and enjoy the air conditioning + the fact that I can't hear any frogs/birds/insects making a glorious cacophony (the humans were all silent, but the jungle did not get the memo). Goodnight!

Monday, February 13, 2017

looking for clues at the scene of the crime

IMPORTANT PROGRAMMING NOTE: there will be no further blog posts until Friday evening, 17 February (Bali time - that's approximately Friday morning in the US). I am leaving for a silent retreat tomorrow and will be offline for three days, which is the longest I'll be without internet since the day I got my smartphone (and possibly since somewhere around 1996). I am excited and ready to disconnect, but I'm sorry that you won't hear the minutiae of each day until I get back.

I spent the day mostly working - nothing too exciting, although I spent some time doing some personality stuff and talking to Lisa about it (Lisa is certified to coach on some of this stuff and has some great insights, especially since it turned out that four of my top five strengths on the assessment I did overlap with hers). No more on that yet - I need to do some meditating on it while I'm off being silent in the jungle.

I then spent the evening having a solo dinner with Sarah - I'm leaving for my retreat tomorrow and she's leaving to go back to the US before I get back, so we had to say our goodbyes tonight. We went to Naughty Nuri's first and had barbecue - it was a v. different experience than most of the places we've been going, since a) it was almost entirely meat, and b) it was more open to the elements, more rustic/old school, and full of meaty smoke from the barbecue set up out front. But it was super tasty - I had a hot dog, of all things, and my fries were great, and the margarita was surprisingly wonderful.

Then we went next door to Room4Dessert, which we hadn't remembered was there - Sarah had wanted to try it, and we realized by accident that we were right next to it. That turned out to be incredible - the space is really cool, and their dessert menu is decadent and interesting, and they have a fantastic-looking cocktail list. We had wine instead, but that was also tasty, and our two desserts (a chocolate creme brulee and something called 'Whisky, Torture, Turgenev', which I ordered solely for the name bc I like Russian authors and whisky and torture) were both outstanding. There was an American woman working there, which was also interesting, and so we chatted her up when we weren't busy talking to each other.

Then we came home, which was an experience - the motorbike guys who had taken us there came back to pick us up, but at that point the rains had arrived, so I put on the poncho one of them handed me (which was more heavy duty than my jacket) and we set off. I don't know how they see anything, since the rain was driving into my eyes and blinding me, but it was an exciting adventure and I made it back in one piece. Then Sarah and I sat on the roof and talked for a couple more hours and generally tried to make peace with the fact that we're about to part ways and go back to our regularly scheduled other lives. This is the downside of summer friends.

But now I need to sleep - I have a bunch of stuff I want to do tomorrow before I go offline, and I also need to pack and eat something before I go. Goodnight!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

it's the little things that kill

No blog tonight...I stayed up until after one a.m. talking to my parents, and I need to sleep immediately. But today was good - some decent writing and excellent journaling at Lazy Cats, a delightful nap, some hanging out on the roof, dinner with Erin at Pacha Mama, and then a glass of wine while the eight other people from Roam who showed up at Pacha Mama after us were eating their meals (I sat at three different tables at Pacha Mama tonight, which is a new record).

But now it's time to sleep - goodnight!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

it's raining men

It's not raining men, but it was certainly raining enough today to sound like little men were hitting the roof at terminal velocity. This was one of the wettest days we've had here, I think - it started raining sometime midmorning and basically didn't stop. I'm going a bit stir crazy, since I spent the whole day working on the roof (although I slept last in deference to the fact that I didn't get enough sleep the night before). But the writing that I got done was good, and the business work was also good, and I also took a break to talk to Sarah (of course), and I also did laundry, so #noregrets.

At six, I had a side meeting with Sarah, Xavier, and Tamara - we're in early discussions to potentially come back to Bali later in the year and rent a villa. I'm personally not in any position to commit yet...while I'm definitely enjoying significant elements of the nomadic lifestyle, I'm not positive yet that I'll still be enjoying it by the end of the year. But I've been more productive this past month than I was for most months of last year, and there's a lot to be said for that. And I'd like to come back to Bali when it's not the rainy season - and there's a major writing festival here at the end of October, which is appealing. But we at least agreed to what we'd theoretically want to spend and where we'd theoretically want to look - the idea is that we could have some places in mind (and possibly have one of us actually look at a couple), and then confirm it when we get a little closer and can make some real decisions.

sssanyway. Chances are I'll come back to the US and decide that I need to live someplace with a desk and friends rather than traveling forever, but we'll see. Ironically, we then went out for dinner and I had a sudden introvert meltdown and had a moment where I would have happily never seen anyone I've met here ever again. But I think that's because I've done too many group things, and not enough hermity things, and the emotional stress of saying goodbye to people while also meeting new people is weighing on me. Alex and Sanj left today, which was a bummer; several other people showed up, and I spent some time trying to guess their life stories. And that all takes a very different kind of energy than talking to people whom you've known forever.

Anyway - enough of all that, it's time to go to bed. Goodnight!

Friday, February 10, 2017

only love can break your heart

I had a slow day - I didn't wake up hungover, exactly, but I didn't sleep well last night because I'd eaten so much that I basically had a food baby and had to pee like three times to relieve the pressure. So I woke up tired and lethargic, but still dreaming of dinner, so #noregrets.

I spent the day hanging around Roam - I wanted to get some work done, and I didn't want to exert too much effort, so that meant working on the roof and eating a smoothie for breakfast and nasi goreng for lunch (standard, really). I didn't get much writing done, but I got a lot of other work done, so I'll take it.

Part of the reason I stuck around here is because I had a friend coming into town - this girl Erin arrived this evening, and I wanted to be here when she got in. She's also a historical romance writer, approximately my age, and she's embarking on a few months of nomad travel - and when she started planning her trip (about a month after I did), she decided to start in Bali since I would be a familiar place and the hotel situation is a very easy soft landing. She got in tonight, just as a massive downpour happened - it had been rain-free all day, but suddenly it rained as hard as I've ever heard it, which made conversation impossible while we were sitting on the roof deck (we didn't get wet, but the sound of rain pounding the roof drowned out everything else for awhile).

But we had a glass of wine with Tamara and Xavier, and eventually Tamara, Sarah and I inducted Erin into the ways of Element (two-for-one cocktails from 1pm to 8pm, although Erin refrained and only had one). Then we came back and I said my almost-goodbyes to Alex and Sanj; I'll probably see them in the morning, but they're leaving tomorrow and I am sad about that.

But that's the way the nomad life goes, so I shall harden my heart, go to bed, and plan to get some real writing done tomorrow. Goodnight!